Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whine for vday

I am not a fan of valentines day...only because here I am...2 months later...with what started out as a "mutual friend with benefits" aggreement which has now in the past 2 weeks has turned in to "let's hang out every night watching movies and falling asleep with each other but not have sex or cuddle".
What the fuck is that shit????
He knows I like him....a how do we go from "don't like me let's just have sex" to "are you coming over? Bring movies we can fall asleep at 3am together but not touch".
I'm thinking a testicle smack is in order.
Hate valentines day, hate the confusion, hate dating I'm old dammit!
My clock is ticking.
Why must I be falling for said douche bag the same month as the shittiest holiday ever?
Done whining.
Cupid sucks.


Anonymous said...

Me thinks you need to kick that guy to the curb and get yourself a big box of chocolate, some champagne, and watch something funny on tv.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for the testicle smack.

Anonymous said...

Testicle smack and a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

cw2smom said...

Hey...I think I could have written that because it almost sounds like my friend with benefits! But I didn't write it. And my clock isn't really ticking cause I am old. But, in some ways it's ticking because I AM OLD AND DON'T WANT TO DIE WITHOUT LOVING SOMEONE AGAIN! WHY..damn it does HE make it so damn difficult? I am totally ready to kick him to the curb and eat the chocolates that I buy myself, with wine and a few good magazines, then I will go see the movie..He is just not that in to you! Oh....sorry, this turned into my own whine, when I was supposed to be commenting on yours. Happy Single Awareness Day! We seriously need to be talking to cupid about his aim!

BioniKat said...

He's gone straight through to the old married couple stage without even starting at the dating stage!