Friday, February 6, 2009

why me whine

Isn't it written somewhere that one of the perks of being a woman is that you DON'T have to deal with nipple hair?

Three years of growing out my bangs and I still can't tuck them behind my ears. Yet I have two Chia Pets growing under my shirt.

That's crap.

Anonymous? Oh, hell yeah.


rachel... said...

Anonymous, you could always enter your nipples in my hairy parts contest. You'd still have hairy nipples, but at least you might have a prize, too.

Marinka said...

That's nice, Rachel. Invite her to be a centerfold. What kind of a mommy blogger are you?

Anonymous said... have ignited my competitive fire. If I had known that somewhere in the universe, my nipple hairs would equal prizes, I wouldn't have gone on that tweezing rampage last night.

Hairy nipples = cash cow!

Jodi said...

My stepmom actually had electrolysis on her nipple wigs.