Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why oh why ... and when will I get there??

ONE day I'll be old enough and mature enough to NOT get pissed off when my
kids all get together and decide that really, I suck. And when my mum decides
to let me know I'm so useless she needs to beliving so far away I'll never
see her again. And when my darling husband insists that his MESS is simply
the self expression of a creatively untidy mind ... does he not get that
under all the stuff lurk several layers of FILTH???

And maybe one day when I decide to make the sacrifices to actually DO
something, it'll bloody well work out. As opposed to sitting in the water
like a lame duck and then slowly sinking.

And of course I'll be mature enough to not care if NOTHING works. I'm not
there yet. Nearly fifty, not there.



Ruth said...

I also won't give a toss about the way grammatical skill deserts me when I post a whine of my own, damn it!@!!!!


Anonymous said...

maybe you just need some hormones, honey....or vodka, vodka works too....and a girlfriend to snort and laugh every time...