Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Big Love" Whine


So Husbandrinka and I have our "Big Love" tradition. We watch the polygamists and at some point during the episode I'll say "Bill is such a fucking asshole" and he will say, "Bill is my personal hero."

THIS week, however, I decided to take things up a notch and when Nicki's pseudo-affair with that blue eyed moron who couldn't convict Roman Grant AND the fact that she was spying for her father were exposed and I said "you know, the exact thing happened to me!" and Husbandrinka was all, "in what way?". Like what do you mean in what way? It was a joke!
And Bill is still an asshole.


rachel... said...

I used to kind of hate Nicki, but now I kind of love her.

That's what I meant to say, but I realized my comment had a typo, so I had to delete it.

blognut said...

Wait... what?

Magpie said...

I friggin' love that show.