Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Husband

I was going to scrape your plate for you last night after dinner.  Well when you gave me that cockeyed look, that said "Hey I wasn't done with that", I let it be.  And not only did you not eat your dinner, but you lovingly left the plate with all the gravy soaked food still on it, gracing the kitchen counter.  Where I found it this morning.  So thank you for the extra working doing dishes.  I really didn't have enough dishes to do by hand, because we have no dishwasher.  Oh, wait, that's right... you think we do.  And her name is Missy.



Anonymous said...

Goodness, don't you have dog?

Missy said...

Yep, I sure do have a dog. His name is Bill and I married him.

HA HA HA, I crack me up. Well, someone has to.