Saturday, March 21, 2009

Featured Whine: Left Field Missy

I love watching Rachel Maddow. She is awesome. Watching her show makes me feel more like a grown-up. And like I am keeping up on world events, at least as they are seen by the Democrats.

She did a story the other night that is still getting to me. It was about KBR (formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton). The focus of the story was the crappy electrical work KBR has been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. The story totally needed to be run. But in the peice she mentioned how KBR has been paid billions (with a B) to work along side our military. Billions that they keep in an off shore account so they don't have to pay taxes. I am pretty sure she was pointing out the fact that our government pays Good money for this crappy work.

I am still stuck on these billions we are paying them...To do what our military gets paid crap to do. They do most of the same jobs that our military does. They have lost less than 100 lives in the war on terror. As opposed to our military who have lost more than 4000. And I will give it to KBR, they pay thier workers well. And it's really not thier fault. If someone is going to give you a bar of gold, why would you not take it?

I blame our government for this. They are the ones who took bids on these contracts. They asked for a company like this to thrive.

How in the hell does our government pay this company billions of dollars to do what our troops do, while some of our troops are on food stamps? I live near Norfolk, VA. I see it all the time. Troop's families struggling to get by. KBR employees, who work overseas, make a bigger paycheck than most doctors or lawyers. Which baffles me when I think about my friend who is in the Navy and has a hard time keeping clothes on his 3 kids. And don't think for 1 minute he is an E1! He is a career military man, a lifer. And for what? He should have left the military early and went to work for KBR. He would have had a better survival rate and Way higher pay!

How does our government get away with this? And why do they think it's ok? Needless to say I am pissed about this whole business. My elected officials are not speaking for me if they thought I would choose this.

Ok, stepping down off the soap box now. Thanks for listening.

Life In Left Field

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Anonymous said...

this makes me want to cry. yes, that you watch rachel maddow, lol, but mostly that our military always seems to get the shaft. i wonder if it will get any better for them when president obama cuts the defense budget by 10%. thank God he changed his mind about making wounded vets use personal insurance to pay for their recovery. as the sister of two marines, i can say with absolute certaintly that we need to raise their pay and benefits a LOT!