Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hey, hypochondriacs whine, too. Ouch!

I met Smart A$$ Mom this winter in NYC and immediately started begging her to do a whine for us. She is fun and funny and sassy. Just like her blog!

Stop judging when I look up my symptoms on mayoclinic.

Stop rolling your eyes and sighing.

Shooting pains in the legs and shortness of breath aren't necessarily an indicator that I clocked my best run (which I did), sometimes it can be a heart embolism or leg cancer.

And yes, I am aware it is flu season. Thanks.



Marinka said...

You know, all those who mock us will be really sorry when we drop dead. In fifty years or so, but still. We'll get the last laugh!

Issa said...

This ecard was sent to me last week and I kinda think it works in this situation:

Issa said...

Chap my link didn't work. Oh well. :)

42pennies said...

ROFL. I love this. Reminds me of my favorite gravestone inscription: "I told you I was sick!"