Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Almost Spilled the Beans

So, I’ve been walking with this new friend lately and we discovered that we have this in common: we both really, really like our husbands.  She mentioned a mutual acquaintance of ours who really, really really DOESN’T like her husband much.

“I asked her,” said my friend, “’Well, why did you marry him then?’ and she said, ‘Well, I was kind of afraid that no one else would come along!’”

This morning, I was telling my husband that and I found myself on the verge of saying, “Who would possibly get married just because he or she was afraid of never getting married?”

In other words, who would sign up for this?

Because marriage, my friends, even to someone you really, really like, is HARD FUCKING WORK.  And even in my own life, where I love my husband and our kids to distraction and I consider myself pretty happy most days, there is a certain lure to only doing laundry for one person.  To making the bed and having it stay made until I decide to UN-make it.

There is a certain lure to cooking and eating just when I want to and just WHAT I want to, with no regard for anyone else’s likes or dislikes or nutritional needs.

Frankly, there’s even a certain lure to dating some new person who you haven’t yet seen throw up or have diarrhea. Someone who shaves before he spends an entire evening focused solely on YOU, trying to figure out how to get you naked.

I can’t figure out why ANY of us sign up for this marriage gig, frankly.  Ditto the parenting thing.

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Catherine said...

I so totally understand. Love my husband, love my kids, love my life....and some days it can be so damn depressing. I can't imagine doing this life thing with someone who didn't mean the world to me.

Anonymous said...

I liked my husband fine when I married him. Now, not so much...

Anonymous said...

AMEN, AMEN, AMEN. Did I mention AMEN????????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jeez, you guys sure know how to make a girl green with envy. You probably drive nice cars too.