Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am not your boss.

And because I am not the official boss, or hold any kind of official title, I do not care to listen to you bitch and moan and then have you look at me with the expectation that I'm going to do something about your concern. I can not effect change without having the proper position within our organization.

Yes, I know the job is frustrating at times.  Yes, I know the people we work for are not necessarily on the ball at all given moments.  Suck it up, be thankful you have a job and continue to do that job well so that the rest of the place can work as it should.

I appreciate that you have all the answers and the right solutions.  Be aware that this is how the fucking real world works.  Not everyone you work with cares about their job.  For some, its a fucking j.o.b.


not your boss.

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Marinka said...

You are so lucky to work along with this gem! Hey. maybe you can pretend you're this person's boss and fire them?