Sunday, March 1, 2009

I hate it when I'm reading a new blog, and I want to follow it. . . .but there is no following box like everyone else has.

So I have to copy their link, make a dozen clicks to get back to my page and manually paste the link in my followers list.

Total waste of my time.

Next time I see you don't have a following box like everyone else, I just won't follow you because I'm THAT lazy.



Candice said...

Amen! I hate that! What a pain!

Anonymous said...

Same here.

country mouse said...

Oh crap. I don't even know what a follow box is.

Something more to learn. Damn I'm getting too old for all this new learning!

Liz Lancs said...

OMG - I turned mine off coz I was ashamed I had no followers.

Now I can't find where to switch it back on.

Can anyone tell me where to find it & how to do it on Blogger?

AD said...

Tales of endless tether: Go in 'customize' on your blog, click 'add gadget' next to your blog section.

Scroll through the list, and find the 'followers' gadget and hit the add button.

There ya go.

Liz Lancs said...

I think I found it round about the same time that you posted.

Many thanks though.

And thanks to my very 1st follower :-)

Issa said...

No idea what a follow box is. But feel free to not follow me.

Anonymous said...

Not only lazy, but apparently pretty inefficient. It takes "a dozen clicks to get back to [your] page" huh? Such a shame. I guess it's my loss if you don't follow. Oh well.

Missy said...

Some of us are pretty new to this Blogger world. So it makes my life easier when the follow ap is already on someones blog. I found a good blog I wanted to follow, and posted a comment to her page asking her to add the ap so I could follow her.