Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm too grown up for stupid mind games

I got married in 1992.
Every meal at home since then, if there's been gravy, you've picked up the jug and poured your own gravy and then asked me "Do you want gravy?"
And I've replied, "No thanks."
For over 16 years, its always been no gravy on meals at home.
Does your mind not build up a picture?
Well, I guess it must have done, because now you've stopped asking, and you've just started slopping gross gravy all over my food anyway.
Effing stop it - I don't like gravy on my food. It makes it sloppy and all taste the same.
I actually prefer to be able to taste the flavour of my food.
(I know, I've not blogged as Freda in a while... college work, sorry)
Oh, and while I'm here - when you "help" our 8yo with his spellings, and he spells them out loud to you, you tell him he got it right even when he gets them wrong, simply because you can't spell, and you're too gutless to admit it to your children, but won't help them to become better than you!
And - will you please stop filling MY car up with crap and leaving it there, making idle promises about how you're going to remove the items the next night, yet a week later they're still there!
Oh, and our 15yo autistic son is an adult now, and whilst I'm more than willing to strip him off, and shower him, & wash his hair every time he gets washed, He's a man, and it'd be better for his dignity and self-esteem if it were another man who helped him, like you. Or are you still needing to grow a pair and be a man and a good father?
And, don't arrange baby sitters for our sons without asking me first. I don't want your father spending time with my sons. He asked ME to fix his laptop that time when he'd got it all virused from looking at young girls being tied up and abused on the internet - even though the site did say that the kids were actually over 18, I think its gross and he's sick. I don't want my sons to think that looking at that sort of degradation is acceptable.
And whilst we're on the subject of porn, your choices of viewing (Pregnant ladies, sleeping (but looking like drugged) ladies) disgusts me. It's ok to fancy the lady carrying your child, but perving after strangers with babies in their tummies is kinda verging on child porn. Admiring the pregnant form as art is different to pleasuring yourself whilst looking at naked pregnant ladies jacking off!
And, for want of brevity (I know, its too late) the longer whine for yesterday is on my public blog. Here --> 
Can you tell I had a bad weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.