Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Too Tired for This Crap

I have teenage daughters... they are out tonight... I want to go to bed... but I can't... because if I do... who will be waiting up for them to make sure that they know that people wait up for them... to make sure they don't do anything they shouldn't do... and that they get home by precise o'clock... and this is my lot in life.


country mouse said...

I have nothing but empathy. But it doesn't go on forever and one day you'll stop and realize "hey, it's 2 in the morning and I'm not worried about where the girls are." It's so nice : )

Unknown said...

Been there done that too many times to count, as my husband is snoring up stairs in bed. Countrymouse is right it doesnt last forever, it just seems like it does, lol! You are a great mom for doing it! And your kids know that! Sue

Miz Q said...

Go to bed. Set an alarm for 15 min before they're due. Get up and assume 'waiting up' position.

After a few years, leave lights on with instructions for them to turn them off. Make sure you can see them from your bed. You won't be able to sleep soundly anyway, so when you look at the clock, you can see if the lights are still on.

House rule they must come in and kiss you goodnight when they get home. This affords opportunity for mom 'nose' test to sniff out anything suspicious.

Enjoy it as much as you can, they are all too quickly gone :o/

Sarah said...

Damn, Go Miz Q. She's got it figured out.

I like this!