Thursday, March 5, 2009

Maybe We Can Schedule a Colonoscopy and a Tax Audit While We're At It

I went to the dentist today and was told that I had a root canal.  And then while my mouth was numb and about to be tortured, my dentist told me about what a great president Bush was and how much he misses him. 

So, root canal and listening to political b.s.  How could this experience be possibly enhanced more?


Anonymous said...

The last time I had my teeth cleaned, the woman actually told me everyone else had gone home and there was no one left to hear me scream.

And...then...she started talking politics. And criticized my flossing habits.

I floss b*tch.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! First of all I am poor, maybe not cardboard box poor, but I don't have a lot of green laying around. I get a gift certificate for a massage (which is like a short trip to heaven) except the massage therapist or whosiwhatit starts talking about the war and politics and of course hers were opposite mine. Long story short something awesome turned right to shit before my very poor eyes. I was so pissed!!!