Tuesday, March 17, 2009


You have never been to Ireland. You don't even know anyone who has ever been to Ireland.
The fact that your mother's maiden was vaguely Scottish-sounding, and that you like to eat corned beef and that you are a functional alcoholic does not mean you are actually Irish. So, give it up already!


Marinka said...

Aye, lass..

(I may have "Irish" and "pirate" confused.)

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY... I thought in America St. Patricks Day was for everyone. Where we all got to be a little irish?? well .. slap the Guiness out of my hand and I guess i should stop saying "top o' the mornin" to everyone. SHIT!

Maura said...

Wow. Here, have a beer and you'll feel better. If not, repeat it half dozen times or so.

Anonymous said...

i made my kids t-shirts with a shamrock filled with the mexican flag colors, and the word "McXican" written below in celtic-looking font. everyone's irish on march 17th!