Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Why do I get shit about not doing enough around the house when I am the only person doing 98% of the childcare.  Here's my list, which is undoubtedly missing something:

  1. Get the child up and out of bed, dressed and fed.  
  2. Make her lunch, or make sure there is money in her lunch account.
  3. Know her schedule of specials so that library books go back on library day, sneakers are in backpack on gym days, and she has a snack on her afterschool program day.
  4. Drive her to school (3 days a week) or put her on the bus (2 days a week).
  5. Pick her up at school (3 days a week). (Someone other than her father takes care of the other two days a week.)
  6. Attend parent-teacher conferences, school special events, and in-class activities.
  7. Make all doctor and dentist appointments – and take her to them.
  8. Make sure she gets a bath reasonably often.
  9. Get her to brush her teeth.
  10. Make sure she has enough appropriate clothes and shoes that fit.
  11. RSVP to birthdays, acquire a gift and take her to most of the parties.
  12. Read to her and put her to bed 9 out of 10 nights.
  13. Arrange and pay for before/after school childcare.
  14. Investigate, arrange and pay for summer camp.
  15. Know the names and locations of every doll and stuffed animal in the house.
Such a stupid thing to be fighting about.  Her well-being is more important than whether there are dirty dishes in the sink.  And it's not like I don't have a full-time job too.


Unknown said...

Yeah.. they will NEVER understand what we do. No.. it is not actual physical labor that they ALWAYS remind you that they do everyday and you could NEVER be as exhausted..

We have never claimed to be able to do their jobs.. how dare they think they'd be any better at ours and still keep the kids alive

You have my sympathy

Mad said...

We had a twitter chat about this stuff last week. It's exhausting.

heidi said...

I'd love to see them try it for more than 20 mins.
Hang in there, Magpie... there's an army of us doing the same exact thing you're doing, at just about the same exact time every single fuqing day.

CSY said...

UGH! That's me, but with 3 of them to handle in the mornings/afternoons. Just because he gets up between 2-4 in the morning does NOT mean he gets outta doin' his chores!
Sorry, someone else took over my body for a minute. Won't happen again.