Friday, March 6, 2009

My Darling Husband

I know, it's hard being a working man again.  I feel your pain, after having 4 long months off.  Because you are such a hard working man, I don't ask much of you around the house.  In fact you only have 1 chore to do inside the house.
IT IS YOUR JOB to do the litter boxes!!!  These are not my cats!!!  I said if we were going to have cats, YOU would have to do the litter boxes.  I do everything else, laundry, dishes, floors, clean piss off the toilet... 

The cats really dislike a dirty litter box.  And if one of them pees in some other spot that is not a litter box, I am going to use your pillow to SOAK IT UP!

The wifey

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