Sunday, March 1, 2009

My whine of the day

When I blew the candle out & cut in to my birthday cake I made a wish.


It was my normal 2 part wish, and it goes like this…


Part One: I want to win the Euromillions Rollover Jackpot – it's normally something crazy like £37million.


Part Two: When I break the news to my husband, I want him to drop dead from a heart attack.


Marinka said...

Hey, I thought that if you said your wish out loud, it wouldn't come true! Happy birtday!

Ruth said...

oh, dear! have a happy birthday, anyway!

Anonymous said...

I love this, I am adopting the American version as my new birthday wish. Any jackpot over say, $5 will be totally worth it.Hurry up October, get here please!

Liz Lancs said...

You don't have to keep it for birthdays.

There's shooting stars and loose eyelashes, and a whole load of other things that people make a wish on!

And, I didn't say it out loud... I typed it ;-)