Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Whine

Dear Kids in My Sons Preschool Class -
Quit screwing up my kid!
When he entered preschool he was the sweetest boy. Now he thinks farts are funny and poop is down right hysterical. Who taught you these things? And when did falling on the ground become so funny? Really... screaming in that strange whiny voice is that funny? It's enough to send me over the edge! We need to work on your sense of humor. You..the one with the finger up your nose...please for the love of God stay far away from my son! And to the hussie who professes her love to him everyday....are you kidding? You're four! Find another man to lust after, leave my sweet innocent boy alone! He used to love to cuddle but now that is quickly becoming uncool. The minute he quits holding my hand....he's out!!!
Thanks for listening and if you hold up your end of the bargain, there will be a little something extra for you next time we bring in the snacks.
- a grateful mother-

1 comment:

ShallowGal said...

That would be my kid teaching your kid that stuff. You're welcome!