Friday, March 20, 2009

Neighborhood Dogs

PLEASE. When I have my dogs in my own front yard, know that I do indeed have control of MY dogs. They may not be on a physical leash, but  do indeed have control. If I did not, I would not have them out or I would have them on a line.
That is not an invitation for you to let YOUR dog off their leash and let them come running into my yard. My VERY LARGE boxers are not going to take kindly to your yapping mini poodle snapping at their feet. Their are TWO of my dogs. There is one of yours. My dogs have home court advantage. Your dog is invading their territory. My dogs are protecting their family. Your dog is an annoying asshole.
When my dogs proceed to stomp your little fur bag to the ground like a greyhound chasing a rabbit and then just look at me with tail wagging, the appropriate response is not for you to scream at the top of your lungs like e little girl, "NO, No, No, No, LET HIM GO! GET OFF HIM YOU BAD DOG!"
We didn't invite you over. If you are going to let your dog off leash onto my property, have some control.
And the command is simply "off" and they will leave your shitty little poodle alone.



Marinka said...

I'm laughing at "your dog is an asshole" comment!

michelle said...

No. He is an annoying asshole. Really. And his name is "Spencer" A yappy poodle named Spencer. Seriously. Ugh.

blognut said...

I have a 125lb lab named Spencer. He would've eaten that poodle... no he wouldn't have, that's a lie. I'm sorry. He would've batted the poodle around a little bit and then asked it to play. He's a big yellow clown.

michelle said...

That's what mine do. THey pin him and look at me with a "smile" like, "Can we eat him, mom? can we?" with their behinds wagging. I want to eat the damn dog. I wish mine were viscious. Maybe I can train them to eat Poodles?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. When my dog was a puppy I was taking him for a walk and had two big dogs come running out of thier yard down the street to my dog. The guy just yelled at them while they were jumping around us and finally walked over and got them. This is kind of the opposite as far as the size thing, but people who can't take care of thier animals shouldn't have them.