Sunday, March 15, 2009

Of course you're "trying" to find a job!

When I bought the newspaper and went through it with a highlighter pen, marking all the jobs that I thought were suitable for you, I kinda expected that you would actually go through the application process before the deadlines arrived.
Yes, I know you took 3 days to call for one of the jobs, even though you could have called 1st thing the next day, and that they gave you the details for how to apply, but unless you actually complete the online application form you won't get the job, so it doesn't really count as "I'm trying to get a job"
And I know that you went to the web page for another of the jobs, and downloaded and printed out the application. But again, unless you actually fill it in online and hit SEND you won't get the job.
And, its a year since I paid over a week's wages for a suit for you to wear at interviews, and you've worn it once, for a recruitment day. (Unsuccessfully)
And yes, I do know that the deadline for the better of all the jobs that I've shown you is tomorrow (Monday) and yes, I know you didn't fill the form in, and yes, I want to kick your ass for it. That would have been a doddle of a job, and you could have walked in to it, and your travel to work costs would have been practically zero.
But don't worry about that deadline! Spend the day playing out on your motorbike and watching TV.
And people wonder why I hate you!


Anonymous said...

Or he could do like my gainfully unemployed almost ex boyfriend and take a nap at 1:00 in the afternoon util like 5pm because that is perfectly normal for every 33 year old male with a Masters Degree.

Liz Lancs said...

That does suck, I agree.

Mine doesn't have any sort of academic qualification, but 16 years ago he had a 13yr employment history as a qualified engineer.

He's been out of work longer than he was in work.

I couldn't do it. If I was in his situation, knowing how financially crippled we are right now, I'd be in the job centre refusing to leave til they successfully found me a job, even if it was cleaning toilets somewhere.

Why doesn't he have that sense of respnsibility?

Anonymous said...

Operative word - HE.