Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok, seriously what am I paying for here?

I send my kids to your private school  at a great expense to myself and my husband. I take part in all your stupid fundraisers, I show up to all the basketball games (even the girls games that only the parents want to show up for). I joined the frickin' PTF even though only 5-6 people ever show up and every time I have an opinion there someone tells me why that won't work, so I just go and sit and nod my head and smile. I am here every Monday and Friday to volunteer to work in the lunchroom even though Lord knows I have much better things I could be doing.  Ok, maybe I am hormonal, maybe I've been suffering from a midlife crisis lately. Actually, that may be unfortunate for you.  I am so sick of people's attitudes and I am not taking it anymore. When you tell me that the secondary school is not allowed to use the lunchroom anymore, I call bullshit. There is a room in this school (the one I help pay for) specifically made for eating lunches in and my kids aren't allowed to use it? Uh huh. Why is that I ask...first person tells me it's because the high school kids are pigs.  I don't think so. I'm here 2 times a week and have volunteered for more. I know the elementary is much more messy that secondary ever thought of being.  They're also 10 times as loud. It is a relief when the big guys come in. So I come to you to get it from the horses mouth, so to speak, and am told that it's because you are trying to cut down on the traffic through the elementary building and they are distracting the other students. I almost bought it. Except, remember that little thing about volunteering twice a week...yeah... I know the schedule. 1-3 grades are just coming in from recess, 4-6 are just going out. Who exactly is it that they are disturbing? Oh and what about that back door? The one that comes in from outside the building and doesn't go through the elementary? Don't suppose we could use that, could we?  Why should my kids who have done nothing wrong have to eat in a pokey little hole in the wall with no tables and 2 microwaves? Ok, so you've made your decision. Well, every time someone brings up the secondary, I'm going to give my opinion... in great detail. Have fun explaining it to other parents.....over and over and over. And each time I hear a new excuse, yeah....I'll figure out what is really going on. Oh and the 2 times a week volunteering thing? Find a new patsy. I've already explained to the other volunteers why I'm not coming in anymore. Friday is my last day. When the elementary students set the microwaves on fire AGAIN because of lack of supervision, have fun explaining it to their parents also.  You know, this issue and the dozens of other little issues that crop up frequently are not really that big of a deal. We will live with it, even though it is stupid and pointless and not well thought out, because again, no one wants my opinion. I will AGAIN bite my tongue and smile pretty and be kind and gracious, all the while swearing like a sailor in my head. But if the economy gets worse and we have to reevaluate  whether to reenroll our kids, you can bet these things WILL be taken into consideration. If it wasn't for the wonderful friends my kids have made, I would have pulled them already because I am sick of the bullshit. You hear all the time about how no one volunteers anymore and how things are only done by a worthy few.....you want to know why that is? Let me tell you a little secret....it's because they are the only ones willing to put up with the bullshit. Go ahead and pat them on the head, it's not enough for me anymore. Guess I will miss the volunteer breakfast again this year. Last year it was because I was busy voluteering while those worthy few were eating and no one thought to invite me, this year it's because it just isn't worth it anymore. Oh and when you can't pay the mortgage on the school anymore because students are dropping like flies.....I have no idea why that would be.....and don't offer me a "reward" for getting new students to sign up for the school...I'm telling them to run....run as fast as they can.
Whew, I think I may actually feel better now.

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