Saturday, March 21, 2009

Paying Monthly for Not Paying Attention

Boy, do I need to start balancing my checkbook again!  My bank's been charging me (read "ripping me off") every month for a service I'm not using. 

Did you know that banks charge you for downloading account transactions via Quicken?  So, ironically, I've been paying my bank for the ability to balance my checkbook online, which I have not been doing, or else I would have caught that charge!!!  Yes, I've been paying for my ignorance.  Grrrrrrr! 

Luckily, the customer service rep told me of the work around (downloading the transactions via the bank's site and importing them into Quicken), and she refunded 3 months of charges. 

Unbalanced in Raleigh

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Marinka said...

Yes, I realized this week that I've been paying for a monthly Weight Watchers membership that I have not been using. Because I didn't know that I had it. And I have an ass to prove my point.