Monday, March 30, 2009

Liars Make Me Sick

You're really starting to piss me off. When we first met you said you didn't really like me because I was too chippery.  I forgave you and put that behind us.
Me  and you became the best of friends and I spent lots of time hanging out with you and your family.
My daughter loves your family and this makes me happy as well.
However, recently you have begun to show your true colors.
I forgave you when you purchased the same Easter dress I was supposed to get for my daughter.  My mother went out and got a nicer one.
I let it go when you stole an idea of mine to surprise one of our friends who's husband had recently deployed.
I let it roll off of my shoulder when you explained your jealousy of my new camera and then went out of you way to lie to your husband to have your camera fixed for $200 dollars just so you could show it off to me.
I assumed you were ignorant when you made comments about never marrying outside your race because it was a sin.
I even assumed you didn't know better when you said "my people" could let the past go now that Obama is President.
I even defended you when you scheduled a cookout for the same day and time as another one of my friends and "forgot" to tell me that she had invited me there first.
Lately the friend who's husband deployed and I have been hanging out a lot and you have been acting like a bitch about it. You haven't expressed your dislike but her and I both see the change in your behavior.
But what you did yesterday has pushed me over the fucking edge.
Your daughter had a sleepover at my house with my daughter.  I called you the next morning to see if she could hang out with us for the day.
You said sure and expressed that you had no plans but to clean the house.
A few hours later you call and tell me to have her put on her shoes.  They were already on because her and my daughter were out front playing. 
I asked why and you said you wanted her to come home so you could take them to the park. The park that is directly across the street from me.
Strange I thought.  Why is it so important for you to take her to the park when she hanging out with my kid.  She never gets to get away from her brothers and she wasn't happy at all.
I sent her on her way and about 15 minutes later realized she left her slippers.  My daughter wanted to go to the park anyway so she hopped on her bike and we went across to the park. 
But guess what?  You weren't there.  Where the hell were you?  I went down the street to your house and there you were.  The kids were all decked out in there Easter clothes and you looked at me with guilty eyes.
"I thought you were going to the park." I said.  You stuttered for a moment and said that you had taken them but were now going to go to see the Cherry Blossoms and take pictures.
You lied.  I knew you lied and you knew I knew.  There was no fucking way you took all 4 of your kids to the park.  Took them back home and got them all cleaned up and dressed in the 20 fucking minutes it took for me to get to your house.  No fucking way.
Why lie?  Who knows?  Did you think I would want to come with you?  I didn't.  You have lost my trust and I don't know if I can be friends with you.  We'll see.......


The New Norm

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