Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Act of Shitiness

Dear Asshole:
Sometimes people are just trying to do a nice thing.  Like today at the movie theater?  When I asked you if you were going to see Monsters and Aliens?  I wasn't taking a survey, I wasn't going to ask you for anything.  We had purchased tickets online and had an extra ticket after my 4 year old bagged out.  I asked because you had an appropriately aged little boy and I thought it would commit a random act of kindness and give you a free ticket. Instead, you dismissed me and told me you were in a hurry. I hope you felt small afterward. You should.


Unknown said...

That is so very sad. A society that comes to be suspicious of everything and everyone, they don't take the time to find out what is really going on around them. You get brownie points in my book!

Marinka said...

I assume that if he said 'yes, I am going there!' you would have snatched the kid and ran for it, right?

That was nice of you to want to offer the ticket to someone. IF you have any extra lottery tickets, I'm right here!

Roshni said...

bet he must feel pretty stupid!!

Keyona said...

People block there own blessings. She should feel stupid.