Monday, March 16, 2009

Re: From Donnovan Housen.


I will like to start with reminding you that your unclaimed inheritance is
still lurking around, up till now I am amazed at the way you have ignored all
the notice I have sent out to you. This message will be the last notice that I
will be sending out to you.

Upon the receipt of this mail I will want you to reconfirm to me your details
and also tell me the reason why you have kept quiet all the while; I do believe
you should have a logical answer to that. I also will like for you to know that
I have some new developments on ground which I believe will be good news to you.

I will advice that you do not abandon this message and respond as a matter of
urgency so that we can get done with your claim.

Best regards

Donnovan Housen.
Accountant (PA).
+44 7956165339.


Marinka said...

I don't have the heart to delete this. I love the way he's insisting why I've ignored his previous pleas. Like, not only does he want to dump this inheritance on me, but now he wants me to explain myself to him. What happened to the good ole' spam of "send us your bank details"? Why does he have to claim this moral high ground?!

ShallowGal said...

Plus we want to encourage the spammers who spam us in English. And the ones who don't tell us scary stories about how Scarlett Johansen is really a clone.

Anonymous said...

I will like to start with reminding you are still lurking around. Up till now I am amazed at the way you have sent me notice.

I hope this is the last notice that you will be sending out to me. I will not be reconfirming my details and also will not be giving you the reason I have kept quiet all the while. there is no logical answer.

Please be adviced that you do not know proper language and your spelling is atrocious. Please stop sending message to me

michelle said...

How about, just send the money and be done with it?