Monday, March 30, 2009


 I started a blog so I had a place to vent. About my life. Including my family. Especially my family. Like my mother in law. She is a real doozy. My husband knows this, but I still try not to say too much. Even my own family.
I am an equal opportunity complainer.
Then my family found my blog. and they told each other. And everyone I know  So I can't complain about them any more. Or even talk too trashy.
Fuck. I can't say fuck. 

Now my blog has to be all rainbows and puppies and pictures of the kids.

So I start a new blog. A secret blog

I come up with a cool name and give my family secret identities and put no
pictures on it. I am freaking awesome. I so should have been in the CIA. I
do this all through blogger.

Using my own account.

Maybe this is why the CIA did not recruit me?

The damn thing is linked to my profile.

Yeah. They found it.

Now, I have to start all over again.

Fuck. Why are they all so good at tech stuff and always have to find me?
Cant a girl blab all her troubles and dirty laundry to the entire world and NOT have her family read about it?


Marinka said...

I am certainly not laughing at your not realizing that the blogger accounts are linked. Because that would be rude.

country mouse said...

Well I'm glad you found out the hard way--saves me the pain of finding out on my own once I start my own secret blog where I can complain about my relatives and my job and say fuck as often as I fucking want to : )

rachel... said...

Fuck. I have been considering starting my own secret blog, too, so I can complain about everyone I know (I usually just do that here). I had thought about it linking back to my profile and am just too lazy to create a whole new account.

Also, I have long wanted to start a blog about evil mothers-in-law (I usually just do that here). Let me know if you're interested.

michelle said...

Well, the CIA will have to start searching here for their newest recruits! Just look for people that are smart enough to post comments without their pictures, lol!

Ooops! Not me!

Anonymous said...

Rachel: Start the EMIL (Evil Mother-in-Law)blog! You don't have to use EMIL...its a joke between me and my friends. Its started to pop up in convo too..."She's just EMIL!!!" :)

Em said...

My blog was supposed to be secret, but then my main source of blog fodder found, I have no idea. Because he has nothing better to do than sit around and hack people's computers and shit and be all up in my business. Hence being my main blog fodder. and now I GOT NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

I was totally thinking about doing that. My blog is no longer a place where I can be honest, and so I'm not really blogging. UGH!!!

Christy said...

I started a whole new blog for this very reason, then signed up for blog databases, etc and accidentally used my real name on one. The bitch found me and I called her out on it. Now she only visits very infrequently, and she knows that I know when she's been there. But it's still totally annoying.

Pamela said...

Oh it's my worst nightmare. We got a new browser and it posts thumbnails of the most visited sites. I'm like "OOOOH NOOOO!" I didn't want the whole family seeing my blog header everyday and there was no way to block it. So I have to use the old, slow browser in order to update my blog. And as a result, I too have almost stopped's such a hassle. Which sucks, cause I really enjoy it.