Monday, March 30, 2009

This is not show and tell

Don't bring your dog to work. It's work, we don't need dogs here. Your distracting everyone. (granted you are distracting them from the solitaire, on line shopping and useless conversing about "huntin" and "fishin" that they would normally be doing but still) So basically, I'm going to sit here all day and listen to everyone talk about your dog while nothing gets done. Way to go. I especially appreciate that you keep popping your head in to give work that you "dont have time to do" while you are in the other room with your DOG AT WORK! Oh good, now it peed on the floor....why do you all seem so pleased?


Marinka said...

I hate this. It happened to me too, once. Is it a tiny yappy dog? Because those suck and swallow.

Anonymous said...

No, the dog is the least annoying person here. Go figure. It's a cute dog, I might like it if it were not in my office.