Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watch out there's a Chihuahua at the wheel

Why is it that people drive around with their dogs on their laps? It
drives me crazy. Not only does it endanger everyone on the road but if
there is an accident that dog is going to go either through the
windscreen or is going to be crushed by the air bag. Seriously why do
people do that?


rachel... said...

The obvious reason is that they like to make my kids laugh. That's got to be it.

Anonymous said...

secretly these people don't really love these dogs, they want something to happen to them so that they won't be laughed at while they drive from point a to point b. If they really loved them these people would make sure their little darlings were tucked into those obscene little doggy purses that they like to carry around when they aren't in the car.