Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yes Dear?

Why oh why do you feel the need to call me 3 times during your drive to work EVERYDAY? You know this is when I am getting kids up and ready for school, getting them fed, having my coffee and checking my blogs. It is literally the busiest time of the day for me. It really slows me down when I have to stop and answer the phone so you can tell me any number of stupid things; The traffic is bad, there is steam coming from the storm drain run offs, there is a new movie coming out with Jessica Alba, and on and on and on.

If you could manage to whittle this down to 1 call per morning, or even better wait til you get home to tell me all this important stuff, that would be fabulous.

Love You,
The Wifey


The Mother said...

Why can't men manage to do anything without our help?

The gene for common sense is on the X chromosome. And it takes two copies.

Anonymous said...

They have a detector, that senses the worst possible time to call. Like when I am trying to get 3 kids up and to school. Oh yeah, lets chat THEN. And they do this over and over, like they also are unable to tell time.