Friday, March 6, 2009

Zero Tolerance???

What happened to the good old days of zero tolerance?  You know -- where, when a kid was getting BULLIED....a 9 yr old child was getting constantly picked on, teased, and made fun was made to stop?  Why should that 9 yr old boy be instead told (well, his mother was told via e-mail) that he needs to get thicker skin and that they were doing all they could.  Oh, of course it was said that he should keep reporting it.  But what good does that do?  OBVIOUSLY, the bully sitting in the principal's office ISN'T WORKING!!!  Whatever happened to suspending a kid for REPEATEDLY breaking the SAME rule?!?!?!  And then people wonder why there are so many child suicides and kids that go around shooting other classmates.  Well, I for one, am NOT going to let that happen to MY child.  Stupid, freaking, fracking school morons!


KD said...

Tell the 9 year old boy to punch the bully in the face!

Liz Lancs said...

When 8yo was 6yo I changed his school. Another boy in the same class was repeatedly bullying him and the school were doing nothing about it, even though BIFF and I were reporting it every day.

My son ended up missing 2 months of school with stress related symptoms. In Jan 2007 he changed schools. HIs new school is fantastic and 8yo knows that if someone bullys him in this new school, it WILL be punished, and after the 3rd time, the bully will be suspended. And after the 3rd suspension, the bully will be expelled (or permanently exclued, or whatever they call it this week)

{{{{for your 9yo}}}}}

Get it sorted out or find a different school for teh sake of your child's physical & mental health.