Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Anonymous Whine

Dearest Sister-In-Law,


It has been nearly 6 years that we have been “family” now.  And of those 6 wonderful years, you have been a bitch THE ENTIRE TIME.  I do not like you.  I realize that I married YOUR brother.  Something you may not realize is that he is your BROTHER, not your HUSBAND.  The next time your taillight goes out in your Tahoe (that you can’t afford but just had to have), ask your husband to change it, not mine.  Do not have your 8 year old son call me asking if we can buy your lame ass some milk and bread because you have nothing to eat in your house.  The last time I checked, that’s called child endangerment (the fact that you have no food and have your 8 year old son calling asking for some).  I will provide for the children because I feel it is unfair to them.  However, I will not give you money to support your drug habit.  There, I said it.  You. Have. A. Drug. Problem.  GET HELP!


On another note, stop making everyone feel sorry for you.  The next time your loser husband goes out on you, listen to us when we say we have photographic evidence of this fact.  Maybe if you get another letter from department of child support asking for a DNA sample from your husband because he may or may not be the father of some 20 year old girl’s illegitimate child that now needs help raising said illegitimate child, you will get a clue.


And finally, when your car is out of gas and you borrow your parents’ vehicle, I DO NOT want to know that you were borrowing their car to make it to your nail appointment on time and will be back home right after you stop and buy some cigarettes! 


You suck!


Peace out,

Your “sister”.




Jodi said...

You're right, she sucks.

Anonymous said...

Man.. I hope I don't have this problem in 6 years. My sister in law has a drug problem, but she also has a job (not sure how that works exactly).
And I think I'd end up having marital issues if my husband wanted to cater to her drug abuse, child endangerment and spending problems.
Sisters-in-law are way over-rated.