Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Swine Swhine

So they confirmed the first death in the US from the swine flu, and where is it?  HOUSTON.  Where I live.  Seems that someone thought it appropriate to drag the sick child from Mexico ALL OVER THE SOUTHERN PART OF TEXAS and then landed in Houston where it all ended.  I can understand a little, because Houston was probably the closest city with great medical facilities, but how about not putting thousands of people at risk next time, assholes?
If this flu doesn't end up killing me, the paranoia might.

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Anonymous said...

I understand your fears, and it is a genuine concern. However maybe I can put your mind at rest a little?

Thousands of people a year die from the regular flu, but it is classed as "normal" so doesn't make big news.

It's entirely possible that this new flu will have the same sort of death rate, and will become just-another-sort-of-flu which is no more harmful that the regular one.

Try not to worry, but be sensible, if you or a loved one get symptoms and you're worried, see a doctor.