Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blind Drunk Driver

You are going blind.  You asked for a guide dog.  Yet you refuse to stop driving.  WTF are you thinking?  Is that dog gonna drive your car?  Does it come with a drivers license?  I don't think so!
Not only is your sight failing, but you also like to drink.  A LOT.  And you like to drive when you drink.  Please call me whenever you are drinking.  I want to make sure the people I love are safe and not on the streets where you can run them over.
So you were in your umteenth single car wreck last week.  Congratulations.  Why do you lie to me and tell me you weren't drinking, but then go on to tell me that you refused to take the breathalyzer test?  Why would you refuse if you hadn't been night...after it had rained for two days and the streets were slick...and you can't see?
Don't come for me to feel sorry for you when the rental car won't rent a car to you because your license has been suspended.  It's YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT!!!  I don't have a problem telling you how fucked up you are.  I don't care if you start crying.  You came to the wrong person for sympathy.
STOP DRIVING!  Be responsible!  You have 3 kids...get your shit together for their sake.
Oh, and show up to work more than 20 hours week...this is a full time job! 

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