Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Crowded NYC Sidewalk

is just like a deserted island, or a meadow. So feel free to stop suddenly in the middle of it. Because no one will bump into you and it's certainly not annoying.


AD said...

Lol. That's how my school's hallways are.

We're packed in there, and it's usually the freshie's who do it.

I end up running into the back of them, and grumble, when what I REALLY want to do is hit 'em upside the head and tell them to keep walking. Lol.

Em said...

I hate to admit it, but that's one of the reasons I didn't move to NYC after college...and it's probably good, because I'd end up getting in too many fights on the street, ha.

Anonymous said...

No offence to the mommies here (because I love you and your whines dearly), but I CAN'T STAND it when people with a stroller stop in the middle of everything to grab somthing from underneath or make an adjustment then give ME a dirty look because I stepped on thier heel. Its like driving...if you have to stop, pull over!

Anonymous said...

that same guy/gal is always in front of me at the airport/mall, etc.