Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dear Dull Co-Worker

Yes, I have cheerios. I have cheerios EVERY DAY. Every single day since you have worked here I have eaten cheerios for breakfast. So why is that every single day you ask me in that slow boorish boring tone of yours "Got you some Cheerios?" YES! A MILLION TIMES YES! I HAVE F'ING CHEERIOS! Today and everyday for the rest of eternity I have cheerios! I do not want to discuss my breakfast with you. I also do not care to discuss the weather, your bunions, or the new color of beige you are painting your already beige living room. You are the most boring person alive (you are alive right? Sometimes I can't tell). Please just don't speak.


Marinka said...

Are those corn flakes?

Anonymous said...

Oh I have the same thing, "What are you drinking?" Every day. Raspberry Lemonade, the same thing I drink every Fing day in the same water bottle. STOP ASKING ME!!