Friday, April 24, 2009

DMV lady "Is all this information still correct? No changes in the past ten years?"

Me "Everything is the same."

DMV lady "Really. You still weigh 125 pounds?"

Me "Sure. You have a scale?"

DMV bitch "No."

Me "Then it looks like it's my word against yours."


Maura said...

Best laugh I've had all day. :-) Loved your response.

Marinka said...


It's none of her business how much weight you've lost!

merideth said...

love it!

Texasholly said...

That was awesome.

for me.

maybe not so much for you...

country mouse said...

My DMV guy is so cool--when he asks me "All the information is still correct?" I look at him and say, "Sure, that's still my correct weight." And his answer is a smile and a wink and, "No problem!"

I love that guy : )

Rachel said...


Marinka said it best ;-)
thanks for the giggle!