Sunday, April 12, 2009


My husband of 17 years didn't get me an Easter Egg.
He realised at 3:30pm and said he was going to Tesco to "buy something for tea"
I explained that Tesco was closed today, all day.
He said "Oh, never mind then"


Anonymous said...

Are you freaking for real? He didn't get you an Easter Egg on EASTER?!?!?! OMG? The Easter Bunny didn't leave you one either? Wow. Maybe you should get a grip and think about what Easter is really all about. Oh wait, you already's all about YOU and your Easter Eggless hands. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, also....REALIZE how to spell REALIZE.

Marinka said...

hey, Anonymous, some of us realize that this is a "Whine" blog and not a resurrection blog. Yet.

although I'm laughing at the Easter Eggless.

eggful and chocolate-bunny-filled.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Marinka, something just tells me there's something worse in this Easter Eggless person's life than a missing Easter Egg.

ShallowGal said...

I guess Easter is really about being all self righteous and berating those who don't rise to your standards.

Huh. I must have missed that day.

Anonymous said...

realise/realize. Both correct spellings. I suspect the first one is British? anyway. be nice

Anonymous said...

Actually, yes, I'm in England. UK. Where we spell in English & not American.

Anon (1st Comment) Your ability to offer support and empathy suggests a deep bitterness. Maybe you're all too used to having people treat you with disrespect?