Friday, April 24, 2009

For the love of....

My husband lost his job.
I suggested he keep going to the Y to get rid of stress and stay fit.
Now he spends HOURS there. I am scrimping, saving and working. I said, what have you been doing... oh running, lifting, swimming, etc. I wanted poke his eyes out. Now he is out mowing the grass. Great if he wants a job doing it. But not really going to help him in the employment area of his specialty. To make matters worse.. he is NOT wearing a shirt. I think men over the age of 30ish -- I don't care about the shape they are in -- should wear a fucking shirt. Age just doesn't make mowing shirtless hot, unless you're the guy we used to pay to do the lawn. And much to my disappointment he wore a shirt, but was hot anyway. My husband is actually (as you can imagine by his dedication) in great shape. But I am going to kill him. Then I will put a shirt on him.

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