Sunday, April 5, 2009


Dearest Uncle,
Please l want you to go through this mail very well and tell me if you can help me without hurting me in anyway. I am contacting you based on trust and l believe you will treat this offer with keen interest and utmost sincerity. My name is miss Jean Thurmbo, the duaghter of late Mr and Mrs Desmond Thurmbo from Cote d'ivoire based in Lebanon with my late parents that died Following the recent crises between the israeli forces and the hezbollahs militant group in lebanon during  one of the israelis airstrike in lebanon, that killed 150 people and over 300 injured of which my late parents are among the died victims.
My late father runs a currency trading company and money exchange bureau in beirut. Before his untimely death he made a deposit of ($10.5 million dollars) with one of the banks here in Cote d' ivorie Abidjan on behalf of foreign business partner and reach an agreement with the bank that he will present his foreign beneficiary on the day of transfer.
The reason l am contacting is for you to help me contact the bank as my late father's foreign beneficiary so that the bank will transfer the money into your bank account to enable me join you over there in your country and start with my studies while you take care of the investments for me. l will give you more details in my next mail to you if you write back. I await your response. Please if you are willing to assist me.

Miss. jean thurmbo


Marinka said...

Dear Niece: Yes, I can help you. But first I must kill you. Let me know if that works for you.

I'm awaiting your response and choosing my weapon.

Yours in homicidal anticipation,
Uncle Marinka

Anonymous said...

Marinka that is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh, and I do hope you actually replied to her.

Mary in MI

Kim said...

I get these stupid scam emails every damn DAY. Hate how these people think they can just fuck with us!! Piss on them all.