Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey hemorrhoid, can you please get off my ass?

Isn't traffic bad enough without you riding my bumper?  It's Monday, I'm already annoyed, do I really need to deal with you on my tail?  Do you think your lovely little hand gestures I see in my rear view are going to make me hurry up?  If you would be so intelligent as to look a few cars ahead you would clearly see a whole lane of cars directly in front of us. Unless you want me to go all Inspector Gadget and get some groovy little car wings, you my impatient friend are SOL.  Deal with it, and wait like everyone else.  Moron.  Oh and BTW, the hand motions make me go much more slowly. 


shrink on the couch said...

Same here. Tailgating is a signal that you want me to slow down.

My favorite is when this happens as we approach a red light. WTF?

Not Too Old said...

Or as they get ahead of me only to slow down and turn.