Friday, April 3, 2009

I just found this website on the Marie Claire website and I don't know how I've gone my entire life without it! I apologize in advance if I whine too much, but its how I roll and now I've found an outlet! Starting with those who supply me with most of my whining:

To My Co-workers (who are all men, so really, should I be surprised?)

1/ If you yell at me for something that has nothing to do with me because you are emotionally repressed and don't know how to deal with your anger, and I cry - it does not automatically mean I am PMS-ing. It means you're an asshole.

2/ Remember when our office all-rounder left and we all sat around and decided in this economic climate we'd just take on a little bit more ourselves rather than employ someone new? So why are you all trying to give me your typing to do? I don't type faster because I'm a girl and I notice you're not trying to get each other to do your typing or filing. We're all employed to do the same thing so why do you all have it in your mind I should do your administration? Sorry, I'm busy doing my own.

3/ And on that when I volunteered to take over the ordering of office supplies, I assumed you would all be somewhat proactive. I don't go into your bathroom, I have my own that smells nicer and has become a pleasant escape from the workplace. Sadly, my psychic powers aren't working this week either, so I have no way of knowing when you run out of toilet paper. I shouldn't find this out when I look up mid stream to discover you have stolen the roll from the dispenser, leaving me to drip dry! Not that its ever ok but even less ok when its not 2am in a club and I'm not drunk! Whoever did that was too lazy to even open the cupboard to get a new roll. And still nobody tells me you need to stock up on paper...

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Marinka said...

OMG, what kind of people steal toilet paper? Can't they just shake?