Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Juvenile Delinquents

To the parents of the juvy-headed punks, one of whom lives right next door to about you GET A CLUE and when the POLICE have to take guns (pellet/bb/air) away from your SIXTH grader.....decide that maybe, JUST maybe, it would NOT be a good idea to buy him more of them. Because when you do stupid shit like that, he takes it in his head to SHOOT my THIRD grader as he is walking from the bus to our house with his siblings. And then I have to leave work to come home and talk to the police officer....who once AGAIN takes away the guns. And as if that isn't bad enough -- your son's punk FOURTH grade friend thinks that he is so tough and tries to threaten to sue me because, oh no -- HE had a gun over at your house that got taken by the police too. Well, I'm ever so sorry that the police had to protect the safety of my children and try to ensure they won't be hit by anymore bbs -- because next time it might not just be a leg that is hit. Especially since neighbor boy was seen pointing his gun at my other son's HEAD after the first shot taken.

I need to sell my house.


TMCPhoto said...

My sister went through the same thing, bb guns can do serious damage when aimed close up, not to mention when aimed far away. Look into if you can charge the parents for something. If their child is pointing guns at other children it's already a serious problem.

merideth said...

2nd amendment fan here. having said that, what are those parents *thinking*?? if you're going to give your child guns (even toy guns; not that bb guns or air rifles are toys), you should teach them gun safety first.

and how about plain ol' respect? kindness? responsibilit? if those parents were teaching their kids any of these things, they wouldn't be shooting people (or mailboxes, or dogs, or . . . )

i am not litigious by nature, but i think a nice fat lawsuit is just the trick to wake these parents up!

jennygirltherat said...

Holy toledo.
I'm not sure gun safety is the issue: sounds to me like the little thugs are uninterested in who might get hurt.
The problem is that there are no consequences for this kind of irresponsibility, either for the kids or for their parents. Calling it "gun control" misses the point. The community has to have some way of dealing with dangerously irresponsible people like these.