Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leave my desk...NOW.

My co-worker is, as we speak, standing in front of my desk talking AT me. She has been there for 10 minutes preforming this dull ass monologue. Subjects include, skiing (both water and snow), hair gel, knickerbockers (i don't know, I'm not really listening), novelty aprons with the words "I'd trade my husband for a John Deere" embroidered on them, the unsatisfactory dress of middle schoolers with baggy pants, and the COMPLETE life stories of 4 people whom I have never even heard of. I have not engaged this woman in any conversation. Its been 10 minutes and I have yet to utter a single word beyond "uh-hu" and "mmhm" I have not taken my eyes off the screen. I am now TYPING and very clearly not paying any attention to her, yet there she stands, yammering on. Someone maker her LEAVE!


Anonymous said...

Every single day I get this. My receptionist seems to think I will find the life stories of people I don't know (and don't care to know) fascinating. I can type away, ignore her, not respond, and she continues. If I get up to go to the copier, she follows. One day I am going to blow up. Explode. Start screaming at her to leave me alone, blowing spittle.

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking of installing a button in my office that will automatically close my door when i push it. think you're coming in? think again, mwuahahahaha.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

we have one that insists on telling us of her wars with a neighbor from hell who is jelous because . . . .uh . . . get ready for this . . . because her house is a foot taller than her neighbors' house, and then proceeds to show us pictures of he house.

uhm, . . . we care because . . .why?