Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Parking Whine

Stop parking in MY place.  I mean, I realize the space doesn’t have my name on it.  But, I’ve been parking there for like 8 freakin’ years.  So.  It’s.  MINE!


You young new apartment dwellers just moved here like a year ago and don’t seem to understand the rules.  Respect your not so elderly, OCD neighbors who have been living here for years, and will continue to do so long after you have moved on, and park in those spaces over there  . . . under the tree . . . that the birds live in . . . so they crap on your car. 


When I get home from a long day at the j-o-b, I want to pull into MY space.  When I see your car in MY spot, I want to drive into it anyway.  But, I grit my teeth and pull into another, less comfortable for me and my routine, space . . . and go to my apt and drink heavily (which is going to happen regardless of where I park).


When you are so presumptuous  as to park in MY space, do it right.  You’re driving a Hyundai sedan not a tank.  You don’t need all that extra space surrounding your vehicle.


Parking Peeved

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish I could think that you're kidding, but I am pretty sure you're not.

These people who move in are just supposed to KNOW that this is YOUR space? The one with no name and, obviously, no assigned parking? And it's a rule?

Wow, time for a reality check, sweetheart.