Friday, April 17, 2009

Post Anonymously

Here's another co-worker whine--I'm tired of you working so hard at getting out of work! Do you honestly believe that because you have the most seniority that you are entitled to some special treatment? Your job is the same as mine, so get off your ass and do something. And that doesn't mean walking around with a handful of papers pretending to be doing something with them. You have no more responsibilty than I do and if you asked OUR boss you would find out that you are really the office clown. Truth be told, I came in with more years experience and therefore make more money than you do--so--who has the last laugh????


Unknown said...

WOW! Do you work with me? I swear you are talking about the same person I am thinking. I guess there's at least 1 in every work place

Lynn C Mama to 3 said...

Wow! Did you work with me? I swear you are talking about me! I used to wander the halls chatting with my friends (holding the stack of papers cuz then it looks like you're working). My advice... a little more time wasting plus the higher salary will make you a happy person!