Monday, April 6, 2009

Secret Spineless Whine


It’s not bad enough that every year you get bigger and bigger, also succumbing more to gravity each year as well. While my husband thinks it’s great, I don’t. My back hurts, a lot. And I’d love for him, who bitches about finding pants, to try and experience the joy of bra shopping for 36 I size breasts. Yes you read that right fellow whiners 36 I.

Luckily my favorite bra brand Cacique makes a 38 H which does the job…for now. Till they F’in grow again. But trust me when I say that NO store carries this, and I have to shop online.

Now to top this off, I’ve found a lump, maybe two.

See the OBGYN tomorrow, so he can cop a feel.

The only silver lining I can see is maybe I can get a breast reduction out of this (36 C/D here I come!), which will tick my husband off, who Doesn’t have to lug them around by the way. If his balls were the size of cantaloupes we’d see how quick to judge he’d be about my desire for smaller tata’s.



ShallowGal said...

I'm glad you're getting it checked out. PS: I'm a 36 C and haven't had any complaints whatsoever.

Manic Mommy said...

36C over here. Good, good luck with the lump.

My H cup sister went down to a C/D and is loving life!

Maura said...

I agree that men have no concept of what it is to haul these things around every day -- after all, they have the temerity to call them "fun bags" on occasion!

Good luck on the the check-up tomorrow. I hope it's not serious.

CSY said...

WOW! I guess its a guy thing, they don't have to carry them around so they think they're cool...NOT! I went from being flat chested to wearing 36D when i was 12!!! When I FINLLY had my last baby those suckers were 44DD! Now I'm loosing the weight and hubbs is complaining because the girls look smaller...He'd FREAK if he found out that I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about getting 'em reduced!