Thursday, April 16, 2009

So what?

So, what if I was half running through the lobby of the pediatrician's office because we were late for our appointment?  So what if I had a baby on my hip and three others close behind?  So what if two of my kids were coated in mud and one was crying because they tripped over eachother running to be the first to push the handicapped button that opens the doors?  So what if you heard me yelling at them for running and getting all dirty right before we have to face an office full of stern nurses?  Did you have to make that snide remark:  "Looks like somebody has their hands full?"  kind of under your breath, but loud enough because you wanted me to hear you judging me?  You're lucky I'm the kind of mom that didn't want my kids to hear me say to you:  "Good thing I've got your tax dollars to feed all these babies and pay for this doctor's visit, too!" just to piss you off because I know that's what you were thinking.  You fucking prick. 


kristi said...

OMG I have a nurse at my doc office that i seriously want to meet somewhere alone so i can kick her ass. hopefully after a few drinks. and my arms are stronger. and i know some ass kicking moves.
I even posted about it.

Anonymous said...

i DID tell someone that once! it was SWEET!!!!