Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Why Can't I Fix It?

I am the mom. Even though he is grown, I am the mom. I will always be the mom. When he tumbled off his rocking dog, I was there to comfort him and encourage him to get right back on. When he scraped his knee learning to ride his bicycle? Same story. When he lost the geography bee in 6th grade? I let him know his best effort was all I required to be proud of him. When he didn't make Varsity in High School? Same story. When he did make Varsity? Crazy proud.
But now? How can I fix this? What can I do to make this right? His wife and he are breaking up. Neither one will say why, because they are both too mature to take their problems outside the marriage, but does it matter? No. My son's heart is breaking and I cannot fix it. My daughter-in-law's heart is also breaking and i cannot fix that. My grandchild, in a few years, will also be broken over this situation and guess what? I cannot fix that either.


Anonymous said...

All your support in the past is confirmation that your son knows that you are there for him. There are somethings that us parents won't be able to "make better". I am sure once the dust settles he will open up to you and let you grieve with him. I hope that your family comes out the other end of this stronger. I have been there as the wife, and the mom of a little boy that i wasn't sure would pull through . Here we are 7 years later...and doing great. He is close to both of his parents, and we love him fiercely. We learned to put our anger and differences aside and have become good friends. I am sure our divorce saved our son of having to deal with years of anger and hostility.

ReformingGeek said...

Seems to be happening a lot lately. Very sad. Sometimes it just can't be fixed.

country mouse said...

Oh ouch. There is *nothing* quite so painful as seeing your child hurting and not being able to relieve it . . . Nothing.