Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stop repeating yourself!

Why do people insist on make stupid comments? For instance:  “What are you doing on the computer, looking for the end of the internet?”  A response only puts me on the same stupid level and is a waste of breath. Since the comment didn’t get a response.  It must be repeated. Why??

 It happens all the time.  I listen to the comments people throw at me and almost all are just stupid things so people can hear their own voice. Then when they don’t get the laugh or whatever it is they are looking for..they repeat it.  Stop repeating yourselves.  Really, it’s very annoying. 


Musings of the Mrs. said...

My husband asks me that all the time. Is there an end to the internet? Hmmmm. Is there? Is there an end? I don't hear a response!!!

Anonymous said...

I manage to really piss people off by saying "Yeah, I heard you the 1st time" when they do that.
Then they say "Oh? But you didn't laugh?"
And I respond, "Because it wasn't funny"
And they get all deffensive and offended?
They chose to make a comment that belittles my activity, so why am I not allowed to belittle their comment?