Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things I HATE about my current cubicle location

1. Answering the back door.  It's annoying when people come and don't know the code. Go in the f-ing front
2. Helping fix the printer.  I sit NEAR it. This does not qualify me in any way as a expert.  Fucking dig around inside it yourself.
3. The smells from the kitchen.  Oh really?  You're leftover shrimp fried rice?!  TASTY! And soooo fucking refreshing after being nuked for 5 minutes....mmmmm.
4. The air freshener that the receptionist bathes kitchen in POST shrimp fried rice (or really, post anything. I'd MUCH rather smell Philip's apple oatmeal than that sickening, crappy, gets caught in your throat, spray)
5. The constant traffic behind me (see: 1 and 2 - near back door and printer). Let me do some online shopping now and then in PEACE
6. Announcements on where you're going.  Umm. If you are leaving go out the FRONT door and tell the receptionist.  I do NOT care where you are going especially when it's to the bathroom. Really? Just leave quietly and try not to disturb me.
7. 800 good mornings.  I know I know. This is my own anti socialness but really, NO ONE else has to say good morning to EVERY PERSON as the walk in the door.  If you want a greeting, I suggest the front.

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Em said...

In my office we put up a sign in the kitchen threatening bodily harm to anyone who microwaves any sort of fish product. (No, seriously, we did)